Lets start with what a green building is.

A green building is a structure that leaves little to no carbon footprint. This building is fully self efficient in heating itself, power supply, and lighting. One method of green energy is power turbines. A power turbine is like a windmill, the spinning creates energy which then gets converted into usable energy. A second common method is extended over hang from the roof to the wall on buildings. What this does is creates a larger shadow covering windows, stopping direct sunlight and heating of homes.

Krest Homes Green Design

Krest homes is a semi local homebuilder that builds green homes throughout Alberta. Their homes have more efficient furnaces, higher efficiency air conditioners, and extra insolation creating the perfect home temperature. They also install one of the most used green items, water conserving toilets. These toilets have two buttons; one for lighter flushing, and one for heavier flushing.


Alimita is a screw pile industry that is located in Ponoka. Almita also is a green building because they have solar panels, and wind turbines. Solar panels collect rays from the sun and convert the energy which helps to heat and cool the main buildings. The wind turbines also help contribute to powering the machines that manufacture screw piles.

Sponsored by Tiocoat flat roof solutions this company makes a white roof or rubber roof coating that is guaranteed for the life of the building.

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Hello, Again!

A few weeks after being crowned as Miss Teen Ponoka County-World 2013 I was invited to judge a pageant for Miss All Canadian Girl Pageants in Red Deer. Miss All Canadian Girl Pageants allows boys and girls to compete from ages 0-19 then there is a mothers pageant. The morning consisted of 0-3 yrs competing, the afternoon was 3+.

I knew a few of the girls that happen to run in the same pageant systems I do, so it was a nice little reunion during the lunch break. It is alot different being the one judging than being the one getting judged.

The best part about being a “Judge For A Day” is getting to interact with all the young girls who love pageants for the same reasons I do: The sheer fun, and friendships that come with it.

The girls asked me questions from how much glitter to put in their hair, to how to walk and talk on stage.

I enjoyed this experience so much and am very thankful I was invited.

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Hello! I am the current Miss Teen Ponoka County, my name is Ann-Marie Cooper.  I am so excited to be apart my community and can not wait for Nationals! I am really looking forward to being more involved in my small town. For my first post I will tell you a bit about myself. I have 3 younger siblings, Emily (13), Ben (9), and Vayda (2) and I am 16.

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta but only lived there for a short time. I have spent most of my growing up in Ponoka as I have lived here for 7 years. I am someone who is very fun to be around and very clumsy no matter how hard I try not to be. Knowing I am so clumsy had me thinking driving was a bad idea for me. I have recently over come this fear and got my learners license. Yes, I know. I’m 16 so it seems a tad bit late, but better late than never. I have also managed to crack an iPhone with a seatbelt buckle! Now that takes pure skill!

Who’s ever seen Dexter or CSI the television shows? I’d like to become either a DNA analysis technician after high school or a blood spatter analysis (like Dexter). A DNA analysis is someone that separates the components of blood so that it can be Signature photo“magnetized” to give the typical barcode reading to be compared and matched in criminal cases. A blood Spatter analysis studies the way blood spatters, or drops. This helps to determine if a suspects story matches not only footprints but as well as the way the blood hit the floor or wall. Sounds cool right!? I have wanted to do work in these fields since my grade five year.

In 2010 I lost my vision in my left eye. I spent months in the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton. After a month of almost no vision on my left side I started to lose vision in my right side too. I underwent tests of many kinds, had blood taken like there was no tomorrow, constantly hooked to an IV machine and was in and out of MRI machines regularly until I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis. It is a very rare condition, that there isn’t very much information on. To this day no one knows what causes it. I was an especially rare case as the condition normally effects children 3-6 years old, and seniors 65+. To make me even more of a special case It effected both eyes which is even more rare than the condition it’s self. AMI has done a special on me, Please check out the link!


Pageants have played a very big role in my life. The pageant world is completely different from the normal everyday world. I found myself in the pageant world. I learned how to carry myself, better my posture, be confident, and how to be confident with huge crowds. My pageant career started almost 3 years ago. My mom had recently had my baby sisterand we went shopping for some cute baby clothes. A lady who was shopping alongside us asked what we thought of a dress for her baby to enter a pageant. After we left the store we both jumped onto the computer to find out where this pageant was. There was one a month away in Calgary. My mom entered all three of her daughters so it became a family affair! Eventually one of my best friends started doing pageants as well. But I’ll do another post on all of that later!


Thats a bit about me! Dont forget to go over to the About Me section which is located on the right side of the screen and click on the icons! They will bring you to my facebook and twitter pages. Don’t forget to like and follow! Thank you for reading.

Until Next Time ~ Ann-Marie



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