A commercial is meant to advertise amazing products to the public and get them interested. If I won a job and had a $250K  budget to shoot a 30 second TV spot with actors, cameras and sets for Signature Towels, Personalized Bath Towels this is what I would have in my commercial.

Signature towels is famous for making high quality monogrammed towels that are perfect gifts because they convey a personal touch. Signature Towels embroidered items are perfect for weddings, and make truly exceptional house warming gifts and graduation presents.

My commercial would be at a beach. Being from Alberta I’m used to the freezing cold winters and blistering hot summers. I spend most of my time at the beach in the summers and know what its like to not know what towel is who’s.

First Scene                                                                                                                                              The camera would flick through a few shots of people enjoying themselves at the beach:

It would be mid day when the sun was at its highest, birds would be chirping, and there would be a slight breeze. You’d also be able to hear the buzz of people talking and every other family in the background would be doing something.

There’s be a family making sand castles, an older couple dancing, a group of people playing volley ball, and badminton. There would be children splashing each other, people floating on beach blow up toys, and a few boys passing the football across the water. A wide shot would be shown of the entire beach then would focus.

The camera would focus on three children near the edge of the water, two boys both with dark hair ages 7 and 10 , and one girl age 6 with very light hair.   The song playing in the background would be “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland

Scene Two

The camera shows the three children running up to their large colorful umbrella where their mother sits and reads a book in a long white dress. The mother is very young, with long loosely curled brown hair and a large blue sunhat.  There is three towels, one blue, one red and one purple.

The little girl grabs the blue towel, and her brothers yell ” HAHA You’re a boy with that towel!”  So she throws down the towel into the light sand and grabs the purple one and walks away. The older brother realized that his towel is the blue one and starts complaining to his mom that it is now full of sand. The younger brother whines to his mom that the purple towel is his because red is for girls. The little girl also starts getting mad and crying because she cant have the towel she wants. As the children get louder and the mother gets involved all the heads start to turn to look at the family. As her crying turns to screaming the sun begins to hide behind the clouds, the wind gets stronger, and the beach goes silent.

Scene Three

The camera pans through the beach of people amazed by these children’s behavior over a few towels then zooms in on one  guy. He is sitting in a beach chair with a white back,  he has black hair, dark sunglasses, and a suit. The sounds fighting of the family starts to fade as the camera gets closer to him. he turns around looking over his right shoulder and leans on the arm rest and asks, “How would that have worked if they each had their own Personalized Bath Towels?”  The person I would choose to play him is Will Smith

Scene  Four                                                                                                                                  The sun is again shining, birds are chirping and families are happy and smiling. The camera shows the three children again running up to their large colorful umbrella where their mother sits and reads a book. There is three towels, only this time two blue and one purple. The little girl picks up a blue one and flips it over she reads “MOM” on it. So she asks her mother “Where’s my towel mommy!?” The mom gets up from the chair and looks at the towel she has hanging on her chair and it reads “VAYDA.” This is her daughters towel. “I have your towel!Sorry! Good thing we got our names on them.” The mother and daughter laugh and hug. The daughter reaches up for her towel showing her hands and blue nail polish. “Look mom! My hands match my towel!”

Scene Five                                                                                                                                            The camera zooms out and shows the three children laying on their towels with their names at their feet. The camera then shows the man in the suit this time he is standing  and he takes of his sunglasses while walking towards the camera and says “Personalized Bath towels, Preventing This mom from Grey Hair, and making everyone’s life a little easier.”



The entire beach would all be standing while holding their towels and yell “We Love Our Personalized Towels!”


Thank you to Signature Towels for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada third blog assignment.



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