On the second day we had tons of fun! We didn’t have to do any hair or makeup so we just had to roll out of bed and go down for breakfast. Breakfast was a buffet style with amazing food! Bacon, eggs, oatmeal, chocolate milk, muffins, pancakes, the whole works. After breakfast we went upstairs to get ready for interviews, video introductions, video shoots, and our photo-shoot. I was one of the first girls to go down for my interview. I was so nervous, so I just kept telling myself to be myself and that making it to nationals was an amazing accomplishment in itself.

Once my interview was finished I went back to hair and make-up.  The hair stylists were so overwhelmed so I got my roommate to do my hair. She did a beautiful job! Thank you Janelle !! I got my make up professionally done and my eyes done as a brown smokey eye, fake eyelashes, and red lipstick. Finally it was my turn for my photos, I wore one of my favourite  dresses which is blue with white underneath. I ended up getting a horrible head ache so my video shoot had to be pushed up. I felt so bad having to cut in front of all the other girls, but I’m so thankful they let me. I kept forgetting my questions for the video interview, and kept on stumbling over my words, so my video took a while.  Once I figured it out I was fine. Off to bed I went and had to get a good sleep for a very fun filled next day. 

Written by: Ann-Marie Cooper
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