Today was a very fun filled day. I ended up lucky with 4 hours of sleep. Most girls got 2 from being up to do video shoots all night. We were up at 4am today to head off to Breakfast Television Toronto! The traffic in toronto was CRAZY! There was traffic jams left and right of us. I eventually fell asleep on the bus on the way there so i had to fix my hair. GOOD THING I DID! When we got there the producer was asking for me. For a second i thought i was in trouble, it turned out to be the complete opposite. They wanted to interview me on LIVE television… that left me no room to mess up. Knowing that though I stumbled over my words and forgot what to say. But it turned out okay.

After Breakfast television we went to have real breakfast and had hash browns, bacon, eggs and toast. From here we went to the CN tower. While we were waiting to go in we had to line up for a group picture and video were we all cheered ‘whoo!’ Before you can go up the tower you have to go through a ‘sniffer’ machine. It blows spurts of air at you while another one pulls it back in to see if you have any bomb residue on you. It was kind of weird. Once we were at the top we were greeted by the glass floor. I’m scared of edges because I don’t like the thought of falling or dropping. I did manage to sit on the floor for a second for a picture, but it took me a while to get there.

Once we were all tuckered out from exploring the tower we went to the Distillery District for a scavenger hunt. There was 85 grey  ‘tickets’ with pink writing thought the district. The district was set up like a little town. 65 of the tickets had prizes on them, and 20 were blank. The ones with written prizes ranged from cookies to phone cases to cute buttons. There was two Grand Prizes values at $45.00. I didnt know this until after though when I brought in my tickets. I had one of the grand prizes! I had one a foundation type sunscreen. It came in very handy in the heat that day. Whoever had the most blanks won a grand prize as well. We also had lunch at the distillery district.

With our bellies full we headed off to do some shopping! Each girl was given a $50.00 gift card to Costa Blanca. I got a cute shirt to keep my sunburned shoulders covered, and spent the rest of my gift card a few days later after the pageant. All the other girls will agree with me here. Yorkdale Mall had the best bathroom for 65 girls. There was enough stalls that no one needed to wait for 15 minutes they only needed to wait for one person. We all had to go in one group so the wait was usually long. This is when most girls changed into their new clothes. Once we were ready to go we went to Much Music Live! We got to meet the producers, and the hostess and take pictures with her! It was a blastto be there! After we got to go back to the hotel, got briefed for the next day and headed off to bed.

Written by: Ann-Marie Cooper
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