Airplane Food

I woke up this morning with possibly the most rambunctious butterflies in my stomach was so nervous to fly not only for the first time but totally and completely alone. My flight departed at 8am, and arrived I’m Toronto at 1:20 Toronto time. On the plane I watched a movie, listened to some music, and watched the temperature gauge until it reached -50! There is a two hour time  difference between Toronto and Alberta so this will be some early mornings for me!

After my plane landed in the big city I was met by one of the chaperones and taken to a shuttle to the hotel. Once I arrived at the hotel I had to check in and go to my room. This was the easy part. To get from the shuttle into the hotel there was three teeny tiny steps. Trying to carry a 46 pound bag up steps of any kind is hard. Especially 3 at once!

Once in my room I met my roommate, Janelle Sparrow from Brandon Manitoba. We unpacked a bit and got to know each other as best we could before the welcome party! At the welcome party we were all fitted for shoes from HiTecCanada! I of course picked out a pair of pink shoes! We were also treated to some tasty treats from PS by PrettySweet.  Each girl was given a cookie that had their name on it, and was treated to mini cupcakes and brownies. Also some great osis products from schwarzkopf-professional.

Once the craziness of supper was over everyone was to head back to their rooms and get ready for bed and the day that lies ahead.


Written by: Ann-Marie Cooper
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