Lets start with what a green building is.

A green building is a structure that leaves little to no carbon footprint. This building is fully self efficient in heating itself, power supply, and lighting. One method of green energy is power turbines. A power turbine is like a windmill, the spinning creates energy which then gets converted into usable energy. A second common method is extended over hang from the roof to the wall on buildings. What this does is creates a larger shadow covering windows, stopping direct sunlight and heating of homes.

Krest Homes Green Design

Krest homes is a semi local homebuilder that builds green homes throughout Alberta. Their homes have more efficient furnaces, higher efficiency air conditioners, and extra insolation creating the perfect home temperature. They also install one of the most used green items, water conserving toilets. These toilets have two buttons; one for lighter flushing, and one for heavier flushing.


Alimita is a screw pile industry that is located in Ponoka. Almita also is a green building because they have solar panels, and wind turbines. Solar panels collect rays from the sun and convert the energy which helps to heat and cool the main buildings. The wind turbines also help contribute to powering the machines that manufacture screw piles.

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