Hello, Again!

A few weeks after being crowned as Miss Teen Ponoka County-World 2013 I was invited to judge a pageant for Miss All Canadian Girl Pageants in Red Deer. Miss All Canadian Girl Pageants allows boys and girls to compete from ages 0-19 then there is a mothers pageant. The morning consisted of 0-3 yrs competing, the afternoon was 3+.

I knew a few of the girls that happen to run in the same pageant systems I do, so it was a nice little reunion during the lunch break. It is alot different being the one judging than being the one getting judged.

The best part about being a “Judge For A Day” is getting to interact with all the young girls who love pageants for the same reasons I do: The sheer fun, and friendships that come with it.

The girls asked me questions from how much glitter to put in their hair, to how to walk and talk on stage.

I enjoyed this experience so much and am very thankful I was invited.

Written by: Ann-Marie Cooper
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